Created by America Online or AOL, getting an AOL mail is very helpful for any individual because it is accessible anytime online. Getting an login is free and is sometimes referred to as AIM mail or AOL Instant Messenger mail. Keep in mind that AIM is AOL’s instant messaging.

There are many benefits to having an mail login:

(1) Ability to attach files and documents (maximum: 25 megabytes)
(2) Access to the complete AOL buddy list that has an AIM panel, indicating online buddies
(3) Accessibility of AOL mail login domains such as,,,, and
(4) Advertisement displays in the email
(5) After logging in, SSL/HTTPS support
(6) my mail expiration proceeding inactivity of 90 days
(7) Disabled embedded hyperlinks (automatically) that can be reactivated
(8) IMAP, POP3, and SMTP supported protocols
(9) Linkages to email accounts for Gmail and Hotmail email services
(10) No limits to email storage
(11) Popular and sponsored shortcuts from the internet
(12) Spell checkers of emails prior to sending
(13) Un-send function to AOL mailboxes
(14) Virus and spam protection

If you want to know how to access your mail login, you can perform the following:

(1) Type on the web browser of the address bar. It does not matter whether it is Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and the like. Find and click the email icon on the upper right. Alternatively, you may click the hyperlink “SIGN IN | SIGN UP”. login

(2) Afterwards, you will see your login webpage. There may be the alternative for you to go straight to

aol mail

(3) Type your Username or Email, which is the first field box. Afterwards, type your password in the second field box. Afterwards, click the “Sign In” hyperlink. It should be blue in color.

(4) If you happen to have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot password” blue hyperlink. mail login

(5) If you would like to reset your password, AOL will ensure that you go through a process of resetting passwords. Before you begin, AOL will ask a few questions. This would ensure that you have an account that is secure. Type your email or username on the first field. Type the next characters to prove you are not a robot and click the “Next” hyperlink. mail login

(6) When you need a free and new AOL username, just follow the next steps beginning with the webpage on or just click the “Sign In” button.

aol mail login

It should be notable that AOL has a program called AOL Project Phoenix. Created by AOL, this program has a Quick Bar where a user can send emails, texts, and messages. Moreover, people can send email up to 5 accounts. It also gives a search function that can load pictures, dates, addresses, and attachments from emails. Prior to its testing, AOL Project Phoenix was only accessible via invitation. In September 2001, AOL ceased working on AOL Project Phoenix.

All in all, there are many benefits to getting your very own AOL name:

(1) With Movie Fone, access movie news, movie trailers, celebrity interviews, and showtimes
(2) With MapQuest Discover, get inspiration for the weekends, afternoons, and week trips
(3) With GPS for the Soul, measure your stress, listen to music, go through breathing exercises with pictures
(4) With Cubis, Jewel Quest, Hearts, and Solitaire, have fun playing
(5) With Free Scan’s Assist, search for errors and viruses and for issues that slow down your computer
(6) With Daily Finance, track your real time finances in a single place
(7) With MyBenefits Toolbar, access email, weather, news, and advantage plan
(8) With the All-In-One Desktop Software, go through instant messages and emails
(9) With AOL Travel, search and book travel deals and tips and peruse reviews on hotels, destinations, and airlines
(10) With AOL Reader, manage feeds, blogs, and news
(11) With AOL Radio, listen to more than 200 online radio stations
(12) With AOL On, put all of the topics that interest you
(13) With AOL Mobile, go through mobile applications and sites
(14) With AOL Jobs, search jobs
(15) With AIM, message your friends